Yimby Compost Tumbler: The Best Option to Make Fast and Easy Compost in Your Backyard (Our Review)

The YIMBY IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter helps transforming your kitchen scraps and yard wastes into rich organic fertilizer, fast and easy.

Yimby Compost Tumbler Review

Before we begin I have some questions for you …

  • Are you having difficulties turning kitchen and garden wastes into organic fertilizer?
  • Are back pains and sore muscles haunting you every time you attempt to turn your compost pile?Raccoon in the Yimby Compost Bin Review
  • Are rodents or raccoons messing around your compost heap?
  • Is your compost taking too long to become ready for your plants?

Then, using this well-designed compost bin might be the best solution for you.

With the Yimby Compost Tumbler there is absolutely…

No back pain in the Yimby Compost Bin Review

  • NO bad smells.
  • NO animals messing around your compost.
  • NO long hours turning compost heaps.
  • NO long periods waiting for your compost to be ready to use.
  • NO back pains from turning compost heaps.

The Yimby Compost Tumbler stands out as the best option among other types of compost bins because:

  1. It has the perfect size for your Family. The total capacity of 37 gallons (5 cubic feet) is enough to treat organic wastes produced by a standard American Family. If your Family grows bigger, no problem, just get another tumbler and you will be fine.
  2. The two compost chambers allow continuous use. When the first side gets full of food scraps and clippings, leave it to finish while adding fresh materials to the second side.
  3. You can have ready compost in a matter of a few weeks. Just turn  the tumbler 5 to 6 times every 2  to 3 days. With proper preparation and management you can have ready compost in as little as two weeks!Dollar sign in the Yimby Composting Tumbler Review
  4. It has the best cost-benefit ratio on the market, being an affordable long lasting and good quality product.
  5. The special design and construction makes turning the compost a very easy process. It is easy to add scraps/clippings and remove finished compost due to large openings and a removable door. It’s also easy to turn it, with deep fins on the body providing good handholds.
  6. It has a construction built to last. The good plastic quality makes it contact safe, for it is BPA free, and it will not degrade under direct sunlight, for it is made with UV inhibited recycled polypropylene. The steel frame is galvanized and corrosion resistant.

Does it have anything that could be better?

  • Well, when you buy it, it doesn’t come out ready to use from the box. You will have to assemble it. But it is not hard to do it, which can be a nice activity to make with your kids in a Saturday afternoon.
  • It also doesn’t have a compost juice collector. Some people like to collect it, in order to fertilize non edible yard or pot plants. But that is not a limiting factor at all. In fact, you can produce compost juice or compost tea anytime you want, by dissolving some ready compost in dechlorinated water and applying it to your plants.

What Others Are Saying About The Yimby Compost TumblerYimby composter tumbler review

This compost tumbler does come in several pieces, but with clear instructions and diagrams to walk you through it. Basically once you do one panel, you just repeat the same thing until its assembled! I haven’t had hardly any problems with rodents or leaking and it is easy to tumble. The “grips” on the tumbler collect water from the rain so when you tumble be sure to be easy the first go around so you don’t fling the water all over yourself. The two compartments are great. To get the ready compost out you just put a bucket underneath and dump! Loved the first one I got so much I bought a second for my best friend and she loves it as well. Can’t beat this composter for this price!” – by Lea B.

It has much more space inside than I first imagined. I used it all summer and was able to fill only one side up. I’m adding to the other side this winter. I believe the compost on the first side will be ready to use by this spring, and the winter compost shortly thereafter, once temperatures get warmer. It was quite easy to assemble.” – by John F.

I got my husband to put the compost tumbler together, so I didn’t have to go through that part. Once the compost bin is assembled it works great. It has 2 compartments so you can let one side “bake” while you are filling the other side. It’s very easy to turn the compost by just rolling the bin around. To open the compost you just slide the plastic cover to the left or right, depending on which side you’re filling.” – by G.H.D.

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Final Verdict: Is Yimby Compost Tumbler Worth It?

Answer: Yes!Thumbs up in the Yimby Composting Bin Review

Bottom line: Its well designed, it has the perfect size, it has two chambers allowing continuous use and it has the best cost-benefit ratio on the market.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
4 stars in the Yimby Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler Review

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The Yimby Compost Tumbler F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy the Yimby Compost Tumbler?
A: You can buy the Yimby Compost Tumbler directly from Amazon, through this link.

Q: How long will it take to have the compost ready?
A: If the compost is properly prepared and managed in the Yimby Compost Tumbler, it can be ready to use in as little as two weeks.
Composting speed depends on some variables, like:
The ingredients used – woody materials take longer to compost than soft and moist materials. You should always add some leafy greens and dry leaves every time you add food scraps to your compost bin.
The temperature – composting is an aerobic heat generating process. Ideally it should get to 150 ºF, 65ºC, for a few days. In hot weather it won’t be a problem to leave the tumbler in a shaded area, but in cold weather it is advisable to leave it in a corner of your backyard where the wind is blocked and there complete exposure to the Sun rays.
The moisture – the composting process happens in a moist and aerated condition. So the material should be humid, but not soggy. and
The aeration – composting is an aerobic process. It has to be loose, porous. Too much water or compaction will tend to make the compost anaerobic, acidic and smelly. We aerate the compost every time we turn and tumble it.

Q: How do I know the compost is finished and ready to use?
A: In general, the compost will be ready when it becomes dark brown, crumbly, just slightly warm to the touch and with a pleasant earthy soil-like smell to it.

Q: What ingredients can I add to the compost and which components should I avoid?
A: In fact, you can compost any soft and organic materials. The materials you can use are usually divided into two groups:
– The green materials – such as soft young green leaves, grass clippings when the grass is moist soft green, fresh seaweed, cow goat sheep or chicken manure, green vegetable trimmings, kitchen food scraps. and
– The brown materials – such as grass clippings when the grass is dry fibrous brown, hay, straw, paper and most plant cuttings.
The golden rule is to always add equal parts of green and brown materials to your compost bin.
Materials we suggest you to keep out of your composter are meat and fish, bones, fats, whole eggs, large quantities of citrus peels, just a few orange and lemon peels is fine, and pressure treated wood, for it usually brings poisonous toxic substances used to treat the wood.

Good luck, and here’s to you having your own homemade good quality compost!

You know, it feels good when you know you’re doing the right thing. It has never been so easy to turn a problem, organic wastes in landfills, into a solution, good quality organic fertilizer for your plants. And it has never been so easy to do it in a fast and simple way, with the Yimby Compost Tumbler.

So Let’s Spin That Bin!

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